High Speed Fiber Internet for Residential Customers


You are probably wondering, “Do I need a super-fast internet connection at my home?” It’s easy to see why businesses need a fast 1000Mbps internet plan, but is it worth getting a fast fiber connection at home, too? This is a common question for many residential customers considering the advantages of ultra-fast internet and real-time communication. And the answer is simple – Yes! There are so many reasons to upgrade to the best ISP offering the fastest fiber speeds.

It’s becoming increasingly popular to work from home or split your time between home and the office. With a fast, secure internet connection to complete your work, you can upload your projects, communicate via video conference, and achieve a better work-life balance.

If you love technology and enjoy having access to the latest movies and music, fiber makes near-instant streaming a reality. Download 25 songs in under a second. Or get the latest HD movie in less than 36 seconds. Aura Fiber is fast! No data-caps means you have unlimited downloads for the ultimate digital library.

Multiple users on multiple devices? No problem. Fiber offers the bandwidth to deliver ultra-fast internet for lag-free gaming. Get a competitive edge in any online game with a stable connection and simultaneous ultra-fast uploads and downloads. Aura Fiber delivers real-time action for even the biggest online games.


Our affordable residential fiber internet connections deliver speeds of up to 1000Mbps. We provide our residential customers with access to the latest fiber network for a reliable, secure internet experience! We want you to be able to browse, shop, stream, and game with ease at lightning-fast speeds. Contact us today and become the newest member of the Aura Fiber family.

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Fiber - up to 1,000 Mbps Regular - up to 75 Mbps
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