High Speed Fiber Internet for Business


How often do you send an email, only to stare at your outbox waiting for it to finally leave and get on its way? Or, how much time do you waste waiting for a document to upload to your cloud server so that you can share it with a co-worker or a customer? What about having an online meeting with a customer and your internet connection keeps buffering? Today’s businesses can’t afford the cost of slow internet. If lost productivity and declining consumer confidence is costing your business money, upgrade to the fastest fiber internet speeds on the market with Aura Fiber.


Have you ever thought about how much time you waste each day on these kinds of delays? It’s quite a bit, if you actually add it up. A company with only 10 employees probably loses $25,000 a year because of their slow internet! Time is money. Your business can’t afford to continue wasting money on an outdated internet connection, especially when the solution is already here. We can show you how an upgrade will benefit your business's bottom-line. Aura Fiber’s expanding network is already available in 22 states to give your business a digital advantage. We make it easy to convert to Gigabit fiber.


If your business relies on the internet, you can’t afford to continue using your old ISP’s outdated infrastructure. The slow internet connection and data-caps that were unavoidable with old cable or DSL connections, or patchy satellite services, are no longer enough to handle the massive file transfers and real-time communication required to run a successful business. Even some fiber ISPs still only offer 100Mbps or continue to restrict your business with data-caps. If you’re ready to move your business into the future, Aura Fiber is your key to unlocking a greater level of productivity for your business. We can update your internet connection to our latest generation fiber network giving you lightning fast 1000Mbps for both upload and download internet speeds.


Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet Expansion: 1,000Mpbs Speeds


Our technology partners, AT&T, spent over $28 billion last year alone on expanding our fiber network to over 11.3 million potential users. With even more being spent this year, more businesses across the US now have access to ultra-fast fiber internet. Have YOU upgraded your connection yet?

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