1Who is Aura Fiber?
Aura Fiber is a high speed internet provider offering personalized services to residential and commercial customers in 22 states. Our specialty is internet - very, very fast internet! We understand the importance of a reliable internet connection. Our team is here to help you get connected to the best internet network available.
2What is your relationship with AT&T?  
In an effort to provide our customers with the most cutting edge internet technology, we've partnered with industry leaders to utilize their internet technology platforms. We access these platforms via wholesale channels, allowing our customers to get the absolute fastest speeds at the lowest available prices anywhere. Collectively, our partners spend tens of billions of dollars each year in technology advancement, which we can offer to our customers.
3Couldn't I just go to AT&T directly?  Why would I deal with Aura Fiber?

You could sign a contract direct with a retail channel of AT&T. But you’d be getting retail prices, stringent contract structures, and limited customer service (did you enjoy your last customer service call to someone overseas?).

We offer our customers the same technology and extensive network, but at wholesale prices. We also have the ability to structure flexible service agreements to suit our business and residential customers. Some customers prefer a month-to-month agreement for their internet service, while others prefer a longer-term agreement that locks in cheaper pricing for a period of time. Aura Fiber is able to offer you the kind of flexibility that big wholesale companies can’t match.

Lastly, we have a dedicated Account Executive that services each of our customer accounts. Having a personal relationship with our customers is important to us. As a business, we want to continue working with you for the long-term. We feel that we can accomplish this simply by continually giving our customers the best technology, at the lowest price, all wrapped together with incredible service.

4Why is your pricing so much cheaper than other Internet Service Providers?

We have wholesale access to the most advanced internet technology platforms available in the marketplace. Because of this structure, we're able to offer the fastest speeds at the best prices.

Our business depends upon providing our customers with the best service possible. We’re prepared to pass on the huge savings available with our wholesale access to expanding fiber networks. We’ve already negotiated the best prices on ultra-fast internet and we can pass those savings on to our customers. We don’t have the same overheads as multinational companies trying to manage both infrastructure, wholesale and retail markets. Instead, we can focus on our customers’ needs. With AT&T's high-tech network and our flexible plans you get the absolute fastest speeds with no data restrictions for the best price on the market.

5Why don't you require a long term contract like most other Internet Service Providers?
We feel that our customers will stay with us long term because they love our technology and service, not because they're locked into a contract. We can offer the fastest 1000Mbps internet network at the same price that some other ISPs are selling slower 300Mbps connections with data limits! There's no reason to lock our customers into a contract when we deliver so much more than our competitors.
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