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We are proud to offer the fastest internet speeds available – up to 1000Mbps. Our incredible Gigabit fiber network is available to business and residential customers across 22 states. In partnership with AT&T, we are committed to bringing the latest generation of Fiber internet technology to as many customers as possible across the country. Over $28 billion was spent last year on our rapidly expanding fiber network. With even more being spent this year, the goal of fiber internet connectivity for everyone is quickly becoming a reality! Upgrade to fiber today and take advantage of our ultra-fast internet.

Why Aura Fiber?


Some internet providers may advertise fast internet speeds, but do they truly deliver them? We’ve found that many providers aren’t upfront about the limitations of their internet plans and out-dated networks. Sneaky marketing tactics hide the fact that they can’t actually deliver the speed their customer is paying for. Often, the “fast” speeds they advertise are only available for downloads, but not uploads. Reading the fine print of their contracts will reveal that your upload speeds are capped at 5-10% of their advertised download speeds. If you’re paying for fast internet, you deserve the fastest internet speeds available. Aura Fiber believes in delivering reliable, ultra-fast internet using the state-of-the-art AT&T fiber network to all our customers. At Aura Fiber, we guarantee you the ultimate internet experience.

Aura Fiber can provide your home or business with the absolute fastest internet speeds currently available worldwide – up to 1000Mbps. What you pay for, you get. Plus, Aura Fiber offers symmetrical fiber internet plans. That means your upload speeds match your ultra-fast download speeds. Our fiber network will give you the kind of lightning-fast experience that you and your business need to make real-time collaboration a reality. Maximize business productivity with seamless video conferencing and the secure transfer of huge data files. Aura Fiber will make your digital life faster, more productive, and more secure!

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